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How to Shed Hunt

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It’s the time of year when mom, dad, kids and even dogs can head out on a hunt. Big game hunting seasons have closed. Some of our friends have tagged out and others never quite caught up to the big bucks or bulls they chased. As winter transitions to spring (between January and March), deer and elk begin to drop their antlers. If you’re like LG, you know that means it’s time to do another type of hunting – shed hunting! We get asked how to shed hunt all the time. Here’s how we do it.

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LG’s been shed hunting since she was a wee tyke. It’s an activity that gets entire families away from the TV and outside to enjoy God’s creations. Regardless of your thoughts on hunting animals, anyone can enjoy shed hunting.


Where to hunt shed-antlers?

We live in Colorado and rules have changed for a few areas this year, so we want to caution you to always check the regulations in the area you are shed hunting. Some locations do not allow you to retrieve sheds, (CLICK HERE to read more)


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