What are the new laws doing to stop killing?

I was notified last night that each of the anti-gun bills that were up before Colorado’s judicial committee were passed. It truly saddens me that they can not see they are limiting the citizens of their state, not the criminals or mentally ill.

Will these decisions stop shootings? Probably not.

Will these choices cause criminals to register their guns? Nope.

Will the laws stop criminals from getting high-capacity magazines? Most definitely not.

Do they genuinely care about us and are our legislators really focusing on the right thing? NO.

Think about it…

Why is there a top grossing movie about a “hero” with a gun, but a kid can’t use his imagination to create a pop tart that looks like one?

Why am I still seeing Hollywood headlines such as this? 2013: Action Movies are Back With a Vengeance 

Why do I still see this, WITH GUNS displayed front and center, on the shelves at the local super store?

So you teach my kids that it's fun to kill but you won't teach them responsibilty?
So you teach my kids that it’s fun to kill but you won’t teach them responsibility?

Not only is our government creating more criminals with the legislation they are adopting, but they are allowing Hollywood to teach our children that it will be exciting. Where is the real problem?

  • Do we need to add MORE LAWS and MORE restrictions?
  • Or do we need to TEACH our kids GOOD?
  • Do we need to teach the children morals?
  • Do we need to teach them ethics?
  • What about GOD, the real LAW, the Ten Commandments? Who is teaching that?! Would it change our society if we read, listened and followed that LAW?

It would indeed, but Hollywood is where the money is, and they simply aren’t going to allow it. It wouldn’t make them “FEEL GOOD”. Whether they believe in God or not, the Ten Commandments could teach them a lot.


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10 Replies to “What are the new laws doing to stop killing?”

  1. Also look at top 5 leaders in high violent crime.” handgun ect… they all have the strictest laws of the land. Now look at 6 lowest they all have pro gun and conceal carry laws lets be forward thinking nation not one who are going back to Communism.

  2. So many questoins, no answers, just hang on to what you have, it maybe the hunger games,,,,

  3. Lu Ann I feel for all you lady’s in Colorado ! What ever happen to women lib group and equality? Political hack literally threw a caveman type stereo type on women owning guns? This reminds me of Afghanistan and their struggles what women strive to be like us western Democracy! Too bad it’s quickly going away. What did I fight for as a MIL vet? Look at the blaze.com for women advocacy-group on this issue and how it affects rape with co host Glen Beck. We need to return to our forward thinking forefathers way of thinking!We need to stand together for I am an Oath-keeper. Join NRA thanks lady’s happy hunting. Dennis. M

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