Travis’ First Mule Deer

Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc.Fourth rifle season in Colorado provided Wolf Creek Outfitters with a hunt for a mule deer buck. Hank and Travis headed out opening day only to see a plethora of does and not a single buck.  On day two they decided to try another valley and then another.

The two saw more does and more does. If there were does in there, there just had to be bucks among them. They hiked and glassed but only saw some small bucks. They didn’t see what they were looking for. After lunch they headed back down a ridge and saw large buck tracks crossing their foot tracks. They laughed at how smart the deer are but knew they could outsmart them.

Horseback hunt
Travis rides through the snow in search of a mule deer.

The temperatures dropped and the two rode their horses down a ridge then up another. Hank stopped and got off his horse. He glassed and then told Travis to dismount. There at the edge of the field was a great buck! Travis dismounted from his horse, un-sheathed his gun and slowly lay on the ground. The horses watched in anticipation because they knew what the rifle meant. Suddenly the shot was heard. The horses flinched and stood still. The buck had been hit good but it leapt and ran into the brush.

The two tended to their horses, grabbed their packs and added more layers. They knew it was time for some work to be done. After a little searching, they found Travis’ prize. His first mule deer and it was a great buck!

Wolf Creek Outfitters hunter travis on first mule deer hunt
Travis with his first mule deer

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