Sleep Well at Hunting Camp | Bedroll by Ellis Canvas

Today I'm packing up hunting camp and sharing information about my Ellis Canvas Rocky Mountain Bedroll plus a number of tips to help you sleep well. Enjoy the video. Links of interest: Rocky Mountain Swag Bedroll - Ellis Canvas Tent – Insulated Sleeping Pad - Alps Microfiber Camp Pillow -

Blaze Pink Added to the Stormy Kromer Line-Up

Stormy Kromer expands hunting styles for Fall 2016 Expands blaze orange styles and adds fluorescent pink options     Ironwood, MI — With Wisconsin, New York, Louisiana, and Colorado approving the use of pink blaze for the upcoming hunting season and a number of other states considering similar legislation, Stormy Kromer, the most recognizable hat …

Suggested Hunting Tools – Hunter-Ed

Gear Review: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck by Chelsea Lewis · December 12, 2014   Hunters differ on a lot of aspects of hunting – favorite game, trophies vs. meat, stalking or stand hunting – but one thing we can all agree on is: Geez, can hunting be expensive! Camo, guns, ammo, licenses, …

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