Video of Injured Bear Being Released Back to the Wild

The two-year-old bear weighed just 43 pounds and its feet were badly burned. At Frisco Creek, CPW’s wildlife technician cleaned the bear’s paws, applied salves to treat the burns and wrapped its feet. The bear was kept in a pen with concrete floors to assure the wounds would stay clean. Fortunately, the bear did not tear off the bandages as a bear rescued from a fire two years ago had done. “He was a good patient,” said Michael Sirochman, veterinary technician and manager of the Frisco Creek facility.

San Juan National Forest – CLOSED #PrayforRain

Due to wildfires, drought, and several other variables, the San Juan National Forest is said to be closed to the public and others beginning June 12th. I'm one who continually encourages others to take care of the wild outdoors. It looks like this summer that will mean staying away from it. --PRAY FOR RAIN! This …