A left-handed 20 gauge shotgun

One of my faves from SHOT Show:
A left-handed 20 gauge at the Benelli booth! My Little Gal would be so excited if I surprised her with a left handed model in this premium shotgun.M2 left handed Benelli Shotgun

ACCOKEEK, MD – Benelli is proud to introduce the very first 20-gauge autoloader, specifically designed and made for left-handed shooters. For years left-hand shooters have been ignored or forgotten with very few gunmakers offering left-hand versions of their guns-and when they do the choice of models is very limited. Benelli has changed all that by offering more left-hand versions of their shotguns than any other firearms manufacturer.The latest left-hand model from Benelli is the M2 Field in 20 gauge, available in a black synthetic stock with GripTight®, a synthetic, high-tech over-coating bonded to the stock and fore-end that is weather-resistant and provides a sure grip, wet or dry. Optional combs are available to adjust the comb height from standard, to raised or extra-high heights.



The ComforTech® stock features a gel butt pad specifically designed to fit the left shoulder. The Benelli Engineers studied the surface of the shoulder and then designed an ergonomic gel-pad made from material developed by the medical industry that’s specifically contoured for maximum contact with the shoulder surface for maximum shock absorption. Optional butt pads include a short pad providing a 14-inch L.O.P. a medium pad providing a 14â…œ LOP (standard) and a long pad providing a 14¾ LOP. The M2 Field 20 Ga. left-hand also comes with a set of shims for adjusting the buttstock’s drop and cast. 

“Benelli has always provided our customers with the largest selection of semi-automatic shotguns in the world. That includes the largest offering of left-hand shotguns as well, but until now, only in 12-gauge,” said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli USA’s VP of Marketing. “Our selection just increased with the introduction of the first left-hand semi-auto 20-gauge on the market. Our customers asked and we responded with a 20-gauge version of the M2 Lefty-a gun the southpaws have been dreaming about for a long time.”

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Magazine Capacity: 3+1 Crio® Chokes: C,IC,M,IM,F

Sights: Red bar front sight Length of Pull: 14-â…œ” Drop at Heel: 2-¼”

Drop at Comb: 1-½” (Includes shim kit to adjust drop and cast). Overall length: 47.3″

Finish: Black synthetic. Weight: 5.8lbs. Minimum Recommended Load: Use 2-½-dram, â…ž-oz. loads in all Benelli 20-ga. semi-auto shotguns MSRP: $1519

For the latest news and product information visit www.benelliusa.com

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Media Day 2013 – Mia at the range

Brutal. That is how I would describe Media Day yesterday. Range day was, as always, run professionally and the suppliers were great. The weather just wasn’t cooperative. I hear it was 32 degrees, but the wind howled so it felt like -30. I did get a little shooting time in between the times of shivering and shaking. Here are just a couple products I managed to get photos of for you. I’ll be taking a closer look at more today at SHOT Show.

TenPoint Crossbows – I shot three of the new crossbows released by TenPoint. Pictured here is the Stealth SS. This bow is a smaller, compact bow. It is a shorter, lighter, and more powerful version of  TenPoint’s Stealth XLT. It is 34.4-inches long and is the most compact crossbow TenPoint has ever built. I was impressed by the weight because I do so much spot and stalk hunting. At 6.8 pounds, this bow would not be a burden. I will be posting more info on the TenPoint bows later. TenPoint Steal SS

KRISS Guns – I had the opportunity to shoot Kriss guns Vector CRB .45 ACP. The action KRISS has designed is a system that significantly reduces recoil, allowing you to have more on target shots. This tactical gun is available to civilians in semi-auto. I was thrilled to shoot a full auto version as well. Lots of fun! Click here to read more about the unique action design this company has created.KRISS Vector CRBBenelli USA – I was happy to shoot the Benelli Performance shotguns. These shotguns can be used in hunting, but are also shotguns used in three-gun competition. It was fun to take my hands out of my pockets for a moment and knock down some plates. The synthetic stock makes this shotgun light and easy to hold as you shoot from a standing position. You may know, I love my Benelli’s. This shotgun was no different. Shot like a dream.Benelli USA booth, Media Day at the Range

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Enjoying Success with the Little Gal – Oklahoma Hog Hunt

After my hunt was over in southern Oklahoma, I quickly made my way back up to hunt with Hank and the Little Gal.  I had hunted that morning and planned to hunt with them this evening.  I had dropped them off two days prior and they had been having fun with out me so now I was excited to join them.

Saturday morning they had headed out to hunt turkeys and weren’t able to call them off of the neighboring property so they went with our friend Travis to check his hog traps.

They were pleasantly surprised to see young hogs in the trap and the Little Gal got to hold one after Travis snared it.

The Little Gal holding a wild baby hog
The Little Gal holding a wild baby hog.

The remaining traps were empty so they headed to the creek to catch some fish.   She caught the most fish out of anyone and was pleased with the day so far.

The Little Gal and 2 sand bass
The Little Gal with a sand bass and a crappie.

After some time they headed to the house for lunch.  As they sat and ate they noticed that there was a fire on the neighboring property.  The fire ended up rolling over the hills in no time at all and instead of an after noon hunt, they ended up playing fire fighter as they protected Travis’ family’s house.  The afternoon hunt was out of the question.

The following morning, they checked traps again and skipped the turkey hunt.  They spent their time watching the embers of charred trees to see if anything would flare up or trees would fall over.

I was excited to meet up with them and made it back in good time. They had told me what was going on with the fire, but I had no idea.  I made the three-hour drive and turned onto their gravel road to see not just smoke but flames.Fire

I headed to the house to see charred land all along the way.

Charred driveway
As I pulled into the drive, the ground and trees were charred all around.

I got closer to the house and worried about what it may look like.  They had done a great job.  There was a beautiful circle of green all around it.

The circle around the house
View from the patio.  The crew had managed to keep the fire away from the house and there was a circle of green within the black charr of the fire.

I unloaded and went in.  No one was there to great me.  I walked through the house and out to the back patio where I found everyone sitting, exhausted watching the smoking embers of what remained of the fire.  They were pleased that they had managed to save everything and acted as if it weren’t too big a deal.  They were mainly exhausted from the smoke they had been breathing for the past day.  We decided to rest and then head out to take the Little Gal for an evening hog hunt.

We were excited to take her out that last evening of our trip.  She wanted to get a hog to give to her grandpa.  If she got a hog, her grandpa would be taking it to give to an indian tribe as an offering.  We headed out and had high hopes for her.  She was very nervous as we went to a crossing path where the hogs would be heading from one field to another.  We found a place and sat in the brush and waited.  Soon we heard a grunt and the Little Gal got nervous.  She lifted her gun and we told her “Here it comes.”  She said she couldn’t see it.  It ran past and sure enough, she couldn’t see it.  She was just a little too low in the brush.  We stood her up and saw more coming.  She was pretty rattled after the first hog ran by so as this group came, we spent our time trying to get her settled.  She finally settled and the last straggler of the group headed our way.  She aimed her Benelli and we weren’t sure if it was going to happen, but there it was, BAM!  She squeezed off a shot and hit that hog, “right in the goodies” as she would say.

We waited quietly in the brush to make sure it wasn’t going to move and nothing was going to get us and then we headed out to see her harvest!

Success for the Little Gal!   I was so happy to have been able to make it back in time to experience her hunt with her and be a part of it.

Mom & the Little Gal with her first hog
Mom was blessed to be a part of the Little Gal’s first hog hunt.

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