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On this first day of the last big-game rifle season in Colorado, I have friends and family pursuing deer and elk. There is more than one piece of advice I could share, but one that stands out is to be persistent. Don’t give up. Keep hunting, and enjoy the hunt. Here’s a memorable elk hunt from years ago.

Mia's Motivations

This year’s fall elk hunt was, as always, a tough one. I hunted third rifle season which ran November 6th through November 14th. Third season is always a chilly one, and this year was no different. We had it pretty easy the first weekend. It at least got above 40 degrees during the day.

The first Saturday of the hunt we only saw three or four cow elk where we hunted.  We spent 9 hours hunting that day and never saw or heard a bull elk. so we decided to go to a different are the next day.  Hank and I rode the horses for about 12 hours. that day  We rode through the brush, the creeks and then up the steepest mountains.  We finally heard a bull!  We dismounted quickly and quietly and weren’t even 25 feet from the horses when not one but two bulls jumped us!  It was completely unexpected by them…

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