THANK YOU – Veteran’s Day

It’s been five years now, and I think of him daily. The sentiments still hold true. THANK YOU for what you’ve done for us all.

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Today I think of my grandfather and so many other people’s grandfathers, the men, the women, and many families children, who GIVE ALL. They are BRAVE. They are HEROES. They stand for our country. They STAND UP for us all.  They have more HONOR than some who are in top positions in our country. They are the ultimate status symbols. There is no way we can repay for the giving, the sacrifice and the deeds performed.

Veteran of the United States AirforceI began my blog to share stories. I shared those stories with my grandpa. As I wrote, I was talking to him. I was sharing something with him that he didn’t do. He may not have been a hunter, but he was a Veteran of the United States Air Force. He along with many others helped to build our country.

Grandpa passed away two years ago.

He spent his last couple years in great sadness. He watched…

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