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Clay Shooting Advice from an Olympian

Posted by Mia Anstine

Each year thousands of people make a great migration to the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show). It is the industry’s largest trade show and is attended by retailers, media and other industry professionals. This year was a bit different for me. My daughter, Lea, was finally old enough to take along. She had an amazing time meeting colleagues, suppliers and learning about products. While she was there she worked on intern and homework assignments.

Lea had a lot of work to do, but a highlight was meeting clay shooting Olympic athlete, Beretta shooter, Kim Rhode.

Olympian-Kim-Rhode-with-teen-Lea-Leggitt-at-Beretta-USA-by-AnstineWhen Lea learned she would possibly see Kim Rhode, she was extremely excited. Kim is a HUGE mentor to my young shotgun shooter and many others as well.

The day came and it was time to meet the highly decorated Olympian. Nervousness could be felt in the air as we awaited her arrival. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to meet a real live hero, just ask my daughter. She was sweaty. Her heart raced and when Kim finally appeared, there was nothing but silence.

Her huge eyes peered at the medals as Kim laid them on the counter “Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London.” They shined under the lights. After a bit of stammering, “ums” and “ah’s”, the awe-struck teen finally developed the nerve to ask the ever-friendly Olympian some questions. …. (CLICK HERE to read more)

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