Shotguns for Turkey Hunting – At the WON

A few friends asked me to look for turkey hunting shotguns while I was at SHOT Show. I found a ton of exciting things while I was there, but look what Marti found while she was at the National Wild Turkey Federation show.

Turkey Hunting Guns for 2015

Posted by: , February 18, 2015

In this installment of “Ask Marti,” our reader wants to know about turkey hunting guns for 2015, and Marti just happens to know of 5 great options.


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Dear Marti,

I’ve been using my dad’s old goose gun for hunting. It’s heavy and has a really long barrel. What other options are available for a gal who is looking for a turkey hunting shotgun?

Too Heavy and Too Long in Tuscaloosa

Dear TH &TL,

There are numerous shotguns for you to choose from, and some great offerings for women hunters. Here are 5 different shotguns that I looked at last past week at the 39th Annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, Tenn., and frankly, you should check them out and see … (CLICK HERE to read more)

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