Pregame Splattering Elk Hunting Target

At Wolf Creek Outfitters we often have clients ask where the kill zone is on an animal. It would be great to have a life-like elk hunting target.

Before we hunt we explain where the vitals are using pictures of the animals. Before we head out to hunt we have the hunter sight in their rifle, crossbow or bow. We are pretty happy to see the 3 new targets Birchwood Casey has come out with. With these targets the hunters will be able to see kill zones and sight in their rifles at the same time. They are sure to be helpful if you’re elk hunting or mule deer hunting.

You’ll have no doubt as to where the kill zone is and you will be sighted in and ready to go. You can bet you’ll be seeing these when you come elk hunting with us.  See you soon – Hank Anstine

Elk Pregame Splattering Target by Birchwood Casey

Add Some Color To Your Next Sight-In Session With
Pregame Splattering Targets From Birchwood Casey®

Birchwood Casey® has added three new targets to their popular Pregame Splattering Target series for 2014. The new Pregame animal targets work great for sighting in rifles, hand guns and muzzleloaders or for just added fun at the range.

Pregame Splattering Target by Birchwood Casey elk-holes Pregame Splattering Targets are now available in Squirrel, Mule Deer and Elk versions. The targets feature full color graphic images of each animal for a realistic shooting experience. Bullet holes “splatter” on impact making it easy to see your shots. The vital area is clearly marked in red and hits there react with a highly visible fluorescent red circle. Shots outside of the vital area react with a white ring so it is easy to see if your gun is dialed in.

The Mule Deer and Elk versions measure 16.5”x24” and come in packs of three for $12.60. The Squirrel target measures 12”x18” and comes in packs of eight for $12.60.

Log onto the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7900 Fuller Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2195 or call 800.328.6156 x7933 for more information.

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