Mia & LG a New Mexico Elk Hunt

Bull elk taken with .270 Winchester rifle.
Bull elk taken with .270 Winchester rifle.

As we make our plans for the coming fall hunting season, we reminisce about last year’s hunts. LG had an outstanding hunting season last fall. She started it off with a huge tom-turkey. Then she harvested another cow elk. Later she managed to fill a tag by harvesting her very first mule deer buck. So, with a freezer full of meat, she still had a New Mexico Bull Elk tag.

We headed south to look for a bull for the LG. Late season, December elk hunts can be, and hers was, extreme. Temperatures can below zero. One morning it was -28 degrees but LG was a trooper. She toughed it out and hunting right up until the last hour of the last day of season. See below as we share a bit of LG’s New Mexico elk hunt.


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