Hunting and a “BadRabbit” – How they go together

I often write about hunting and my LG and refer to her as a “BadRabbit”. The other day someone FINALLY asked “What’s a BadRabbit?” I had to laugh because it’s an inside joke with LG and me. Today I will share BadRabbit and hunting with you.

LG is a minor. I try to raise her with ethics, morals, respect and responsibility. I’ve also raised her in a hunting environment. She began hunting the day she passed her hunter’s safety course. Over the years she’s gone from “I’m tired. I can’t hike any further. It’s cold.” to “Let’s see what’s over there. My feet are wet, but I’m still going. It’s 29 below zero, but I want and elk.” Big difference huh? She has gotten tough and more determined over the years. Quite frankly, she’s becoming a “badass”. Yep. I said ass. BUT. I can’t say that word because she’s a minor, and it wouldn’t be an appropriate word for her. That’s why she’s a “BadRabbit”!

Yep. We first used the term bad rabbit when we saw a Raging Rabbit on a t-shirt at an archery competition. We LOVED this shirt and are still looking for one today. Yes, the person wearing it was gone before we could ask. So, if you know where we can get one, please say so in the comments below.

We loved this Raging Rabbit archery shirt. That is one Bad Rabbit!
We loved this Raging Rabbit archery shirt. That is one Bad Rabbit!

So, LG is becoming more of a BadRabbit every day. This year she hunted elk during first rifle season in the snow, rain, sleet and hail. She wanted a bull, but came home with a cow. She was pretty happy with that. When we headed out for a fourth rifle season buck hunt, she didn’t have an either sex tag choice. The tag was a buck only tag, so a buck it was.

When we started off, she explained to us what size buck she was looking for. She has shot does in the past, but this was the first time she drew a buck tag. She wanted a respectable one.

We headed out on the first morning and saw two respectable bucks at about 50 yards. The thing is, in the trees were three BIG ones. We got as close as we could and waited as long as we could before she had to go to school. Those big boys never would give her a clear shot. We backed out and she decided she wanted one of them.

Note: LG could not miss school because she had basketball tryouts which started the same day as hunting season. She hunted, went to school, went to basketball and then got up at 4:00 am the next day to hunt again. That’s one BadRabbit! Oh, and she made the JV squad!!! Whoop! Whoop!

The remaining days of the five day hunt ended up with similar stories. She had opportunities at respectable shooter bucks each day but was looking for those BIG guys. When day five came, she said “Okay. Today I will shoot whatever.” Now, to you and me, “whatever” could mean a legal forked horn buck. Check this out.

The last morning of the hunt, it had rained the night before. It was windy and cold. We head out and hiked. We saw does, spikes, does and small doodoo heads (those are the little forked horns I was mentioning). Then, I saw a big body in the trees. It was a buck and a respectable one at that. LG gets set up. The buck moves in and out of the trees, but never gives her a clear shot.

She said “let’s move over that way”. We booked it to another location as quickly and quietly as we could. Then she said “There he is!” She dropped to one knee as she mounted her gun, steadied and shot. “BAM!” It was a clear hit, but he stood there wobbling. Before I knew it she had reloaded and fired again, dropping him to the ground. All that training and practice sure payed off. That LG is one BadRabbit!

LG gets her 4x3 buck on the last day of the hunt.
LG gets her 4×3 buck on the last day of the hunt.


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