Media Day 2013 – Mia at the range

Brutal. That is how I would describe Media Day yesterday. Range day was, as always, run professionally and the suppliers were great. The weather just wasn’t cooperative. I hear it was 32 degrees, but the wind howled so it felt like -30. I did get a little shooting time in between the times of shivering and shaking. Here are just a couple products I managed to get photos of for you. I’ll be taking a closer look at more today at SHOT Show.

TenPoint Crossbows – I shot three of the new crossbows released by TenPoint. Pictured here is the Stealth SS. This bow is a smaller, compact bow. It is a shorter, lighter, and more powerful version of  TenPoint’s Stealth XLT. It is 34.4-inches long and is the most compact crossbow TenPoint has ever built. I was impressed by the weight because I do so much spot and stalk hunting. At 6.8 pounds, this bow would not be a burden. I will be posting more info on the TenPoint bows later. TenPoint Steal SS

KRISS Guns – I had the opportunity to shoot Kriss guns Vector CRB .45 ACP. The action KRISS has designed is a system that significantly reduces recoil, allowing you to have more on target shots. This tactical gun is available to civilians in semi-auto. I was thrilled to shoot a full auto version as well. Lots of fun! Click here to read more about the unique action design this company has created.KRISS Vector CRBBenelli USA – I was happy to shoot the Benelli Performance shotguns. These shotguns can be used in hunting, but are also shotguns used in three-gun competition. It was fun to take my hands out of my pockets for a moment and knock down some plates. The synthetic stock makes this shotgun light and easy to hold as you shoot from a standing position. You may know, I love my Benelli’s. This shotgun was no different. Shot like a dream.Benelli USA booth, Media Day at the Range

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  1. You got that right it is and has been so very cold. I am really tired of it. Happy you got to shoot.

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