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For the past two and a half months, I have been field testing a product that many of us wish for in the cold winter months. I received Snuggly Toes alpaca feet warmers in August. They proclaim to keep your feet warm and cozy. Of course that time of year, things are already warm so I had to wait a while to give them a true field test.

Upon first view of the feet warmers, I noted that they felt delicate to the touch. They were indeed soft and snuggly. Since it was August, I put them in my sandals and wow, were they SOFT! My bare feet thought they were wonderful. I had to wait until late September to give them a try with my cotton and wool-blend socks.

Snuggly Toes come in whole sizes and are easy to trim to fit your shoe. I opted to field test them in my hunting boots since I wear them the most throughout the year and would love to have warm feet in them. They were simple to trim and fit nicely inside. I do a lot of hiking and of course, as the season progresses, the weather gets cold and so do my toes. I was happy to try these cozy inserts out.

I was initially concerned with the softness of the alpaca liner. I thought they may bunch up, slip or slide inside my boots as I climbed steep mountain slopes. They have held in place over the past 75 days of miles and miles of wearing, hiking and climbing.

Another concern for me was that the liners were soft and felt delicate. I thought they may become thin and wear through with such rigorous use. The Snuggly Toes remained in tact. They formed to my foot and are still intact after prolonged use.  There are no thin spots.The felting process of spinning the fur into yarn, knit into a “blanket,” then felted into fabric makes them very durable and they are even washable.

Lastly, and most importantly, I hoped that these feet warmers would eliminate the feeling of having your toes turn into ice cubes. The weather has been moderate this fall, but morning temperatures have still gotten down to the teens and twenties. I continued to test the Snuggly Toes feet warmers down into 13 degree temperatures. While the alpaca liner did feel warm and cozy, I must say my toes did get cold. Even with the combination of the alpaca liner and my wool-blend socks, I froze my toes more than one time in the past 75 days.



I do recommend the liners for overall cozy comfort in your shoe, but they are not a substitute for a highly insulated boot or ThermaCell. I will add these liners to my insulated winter boot for additional comfort. I would also recommend using them as replacements for your worn out boot liners in your snow boots.


You can purchase Snuggly Toes at for $39.95 a pair. They are available in whole sizes for men and women and easily trimmed to fit your boot. Custom insoles are available at your request and can be ordered via their website. The customer service is outstanding. These alpaca fur cozy liners are 100% organic and made in the USA!

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  1. Thanks for the info. Sounds like they work well, but still your toes got cold. Toes are so hard to keep warm

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