From a mountain top I am connected to all things

Time to catch up. I’ve been up on top of the world for quite a few days. It’s a place I love. If you’ve been “On top of the world” you know what it feels like to be so close to the Heaven’s.

Alwyn Torquil Francis Ladell
There is something very spiritual about the mountain top experience … and it’s not less oxygen!

Looking out over the wide vistas, and climbing above the clouds, forces us to consider the bigger questions. It strips away the cares and concerns of the little people in the mundane world below and helps us contemplate the bigger picture. There can be an exaltation, like that of being strongly moved by certain passages of music, in such places. Sometimes there is a closeness to those who have gone before, which can be very emotional, but the magnitude and beauty tends to drive out sorrow with reassurance. It speaks a language we can’t articulate, using symbols to communicate with the higher consciousness – and this expansion of consciousness is something we need to hang on to when we return to the daily routine. When starved of spirituality in the material world, if we can recall that mountain-top experience, we have a life-line to the Divine.

“Prayer is the uplifting of the soul to God” – Saint Nilus the Elder (d.430), On Prayer.

It is my goal to share with others. Now, I am happy to share some of the awesomeness of the outdoors. Enjoy….

Get outside. Explore, learn, hunt, fish, shoot, connect with nature. ~Mia

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  1. Oh, Mia that was so beautiful. You are getting so good with the camera. Some day I want to go to the mountains with you. And I understand what you are saying. Love you, Lu Ann

  2. I wish I was better at getting the pics into the slide show! They lose clarity. We had an amazing time! See you soon. Love you too!!!

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