WCO – Jicarilla 4-H Horse Camp for Youth


Hunt elk, bear, mule deer and merriam turkey with Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. - WCOWolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. was proud to be a part of the annual Jicarilla 4-H Horse Camp in Dulce, New Mexico. The camp is offered to kids in hopes to uplift them as well as the community. The tribe has a high incidence of suicide and substance abuse, so they have designed the camp to offer the children education and insight. The camp teaches respect, responsibility, teamwork, communication and about substance abuse and how to avoid it.

Wolf Creek Outfitters brings horses to camp each year. The children pet, talk to and then ride the horses. For most, it is their first ride ever, and very exciting. The ride is more than just taking a walk on a horse. The kids are learning the whole time. We help emphasize proper care and handling of animals. We explain that many animals will treat them the same way they treat the animal. Also, the children learn how to saddle a horse. They have to work together, as a team to get the pad and then heavy saddle up onto the horse and cinch and buckle it.

Various games are played at other stations. All teaching respect & communication. They also learn about the horse, the tribe’s heritage, and self-pride. Wolf Creek Outfitters and our team enjoy helping in the cause.

Teaching the young & helping our neighbors.

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“Spend more time with your family and friends, whether it be outside, hunting, at the shooting range or around the table, savoring all life has to offer.” MM

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  1. Good one and a great video..
    Am surprised that they don’t know more about riding, they are known to be good horsemen. Guess that is a sign of the times, it is now on the rez——– tecnology, to many video games and TV.

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