Surreal Defined – An Elk Hunt Adventure

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit for the big game hunt draw in Colorado. Have you applied yet?

I have not had the mind to write fresh adventures lately so I wanted to share another story from years past. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have, or someday have, an amazing elk story of your own.

We came to a small clearing and tried to get through quickly so we could stay out of sight. Suddenly a cow jumped through directly in front of us.  I froze.  She was followed by a nice 5×5 bull that was obviously pushing that cow.  

I whispered to Hank, “Should I?  Should I?”  He said to wait. That is when I saw movement directly to my right. Something was coming. I spun around to see.

He charged in from the side of the meadow. We turned, and there he was. I was standing in the middle of the clearing with no cover. Hank whispered “don’t move!”  I stood there, 20 feet from him trembling. I was so excited, nervous and scared! We looked each other in the eye, him glaring fiercely at me. I could see his nostrils flaring as he took deep breaths and cleared his nostrils trying to smell me and figure out what I was.

My gun was up and ready but my scope was turned up from the day before. I stood there staring at him. Hank whispered “SHOOT HIM!” I tried to talk & couldn’t. Then I whispered back, “I CAN’T SEE!” All in one motion, Hank reached over, dialed my scope all the way down and jumped to the side, ready to run before that angry bull ran him over. I stood there holding my rifle up, and my arms shook. I tried to brace myself, and steadied my arms. Then my legs shook!  The voice inside my head, “Steady, steady!!!”  I looked through my scope and then down the barrel. I finally found the spot.

Then… a deep breath and a shot!  

All that, in a matter of moments!  

Once we knew I was safe, I manage to unfreeze, and look at my harvest. He was a fighter. He broke off on his right side, just above his G3.  He also had broken eye guards. He even has a hole in his skull where he had been… gored by another bull?! WOW!  Bet he got that battle wound when he broke his that right side.  What a tough one, and to think, I stood there, just 20 feet in front of him, staring him down.  Surreal!!!Women bull elk hunt


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  1. Awesome story Mia!! I have done the scope thing myself! Cost me a nice 8!

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