A Fun Winter Day

An original by: THE LITTLE GAL
An original post from: The Little Gal

As many times as I’ve gone with my mom and Hank, I have to tell you about one of my favorites from last winter. We went on a very sticky adventure in the fresh snow. I was riding my horse Ruger, and I just knew my day was going to be great. When we got there, I wouldn’t have thought I was going to be in a winter wonderland. We all loaded up on our horses and were off.

Looking for lion tracks
Riding up the road

We got out on the trail, and the snow was whiter and fluffier than the clouds. All of us decided to go up one road. The trail seemed as if it was never going to end.

While we were heading up all of a sudden one of our hounds, Fat Tire, took off after a bobcat. We would have followed him to try to catch it but bobcat season had already ended the week before. So Hank went to get Fat Tire while my mom and I kept going up the trail. One of the other dogs, Wrinkles, followed Hank. So we headed up with our last dog, Trixy.


Mom, Trixy, and I got to a little watering hole and just kept on trucking.  What we didn’t know was the higher we got, the deeper the snow.  Well, maybe we knew snow gets deeper, but not just a little deeper, but WAY deeper. My mom was riding ahead of me and all of a sudden her horse, Cowboy, sunk right up to his chest. Then I sunk on Ruger as well. It was just that little part that was tricky.

Pretty soon, along came Hank with our other two dogs. Now that he was caught up we decided to go up to one of the two radio towers that were closer than going back the way we had come.  We called one of our friends to bring our truck around to the other end, and we headed up the trail.

Frost covered trees
We passed frost covered tree as we rode

We were getting closer to the top. We ended up going through quite a few deep holes and then headed up the last hill.  When we got to the top, we were in snow that was shoulder deep to the horses.  It wasn’t looking good.

Deep snow
The snow was too deep

We decided that we better turn around or we were going to have to push through snow that was too deep for the horses. We changed our plan and turned around, heading down the way we had come.  We went at a good speed.

When we got to the spot where the road had started Hank rode up a side road. My mom and I stayed to rest and eat lunch. We snacked then I played in the snow. I started throwing snow on her shoes, and she kicked it back.  So I piled it higher, and she kicked it back more.

Our snow fight turned in to rolling up dirty snowballs. Soon I made a huge one that I couldn’t even push.

Big heavy snowball
A huge snowball I couldn’t even push

I decided to turn this snowball into the body of a snow mom! My mom helped, and she and I rolled up muddy snow balls and stacked them making a mom and daughter snow team.  We laughed and played while we waited. I was almost done with the face on the second snow women when Hank called.  He said he was on his way and told us to go on and head to the truck. We hurried and finished the people and left our snow women.

Snow women
Our snow women

We were riding along and all the sudden our little white dog came running up. We knew Hank was close.

Hank caught up and right when he caught up to us a whole herd of deer crossed right in front of us.  We were so excited to see them. Soon another herd came out, but this time it was a herd of elk.  It did the same thing, crossing right in front of us as we rode along on our horses.

Elk crossing
The elk crossed right in front of us!

We rode through the mud and back to our truck.  We laughed and smiled at how lucky we were to see such great things today. We got to the truck and headed home. I was so happy to get to share such a fun time in the outdoors with my mom and Hank.

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