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Me & my Daisy

Daisy is our Weimaraner.  She is a pointer who thinks she is a retriever, or maybe she is a retriever who is really a pointer.  She is an only child and a modest 95-pound beauty.  A little big for her bread, but don’t under-estimate her.  She does her job.  In the fall she points grouse, but just before winter, she retrieves ducks.  She is our bird dog.

“Spend more time with your family and friends, whether it be outside, hunting, at the shooting range or around the table, savoring all life has to offer.” MM

Today we headed out to hunt ducks.  Daisy was excited as soon as she saw the shotguns come out of the safe.  She ran in circles around us at the truck, telling us to “hurry up!”  We made a hike down to the low end of the stream and Daisy stayed close behind.  Daisy would watch every bird, that flew overhead, closely and wait to see if it fell from the sky.  She was patient as a pointer who likes to retrieve can be.

Finally, the ducks came in.  They flew off in the distance and then lo and behold they turned and circled back.  Daisy watched and waited as Hank raised his gun and knocked one down.  The pointer, Daisy, watched it drop from the sky and ran to retrieve it.  She brought it directly back to Hank with her head held high.  She was proud to be our retriever!

Daisy is proud to retrieve Hank’s duck.

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It wasn’t long before we saw another flock.  The birds flew, and Hank and I both got shots off.  Hank dropped two and I dropped one.  Daisy ran and retrieved Hank’s birds and then I hollered for her to come help find mine.  I ran to where I thought it had dropped, but it wasn’t there.  Daisy was proud to bring her assistance.  She gracefully jumped over the stream and began sniffing around and then jumped back over.  I have to admit; I was underestimating her when she took back to the other side.  I thought she was headed back to Hank’s birds which she already had gotten.  Then she popped her head up with a mouth full of duck as if to say “haha!  I found her!”  Shame on me for underestimating that retrieve.

I am pretty darn proud of that Daisy.  She’s a good retriever for sure!

Daisy didn’t want to stop for photos. There was work to be done.


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  1. LoL I always say the pointers make the best all around dogs. I have two Wire Haired Pointing Griffons that do all the pointing in the fall and all the retrieving in the winter. I just found your blog and I really look forward to looking through it somemore.

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