Hunting Is More Affordable Than Many Outdoor Activities – NSSF

NSSF Report on ‘Hunting in the 50 States’ Shows Hunting Is More Affordable Than Many Outdoor Activities, Including Golf  A valuable resource for understanding state regulations, license fees and game species  NEWTOWN, Conn. – We’re sure you know that a day spent hunting beats a day in the office. What you might not know, though,…

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Get in shape for hunting – Women’s Outdoor News

How to get in shape for spot-and-stalk hunting Posted by: Mia Anstine , September 4, 2014 Year after year family, friends and even strangers ask LG and me the same question, “How will I survive hunting in the mountains?” The answer to that question is as simple as the answer to living a long life.…



SMOOTH OPERATION Mia Anstine Contributor There are various considerations to take into account that are necessary for making safe, accurate shots from trees and blinds. Run through shooting scenarios taking account for these considerations as soon as you arrive for your hunt to minimize risk and maximize you’re your chance at taking game. Tree-stands If you’re…